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2009-02-09: Work still progressing, we are still alive!  Thanks for all the messages of support, and offers of help!

Dear RSC Members,

Over the past eight years, we've seen RSC grow significantly in size and popularity, and become the world's pinnacle sim-racing community. However, in recent times, we've suffered from unreliability; a huge server hardware failure (and resulting data loss); and even just simple problems: such as just having too many forums! We're aware that many of you have become disgruntled with the way RSC is these days and, to be honest, so are we. We're not going to make excuses for our current (or past) performance, and we're not going to make huge promises about the future - but we do have a plan.

As of now, RSC will be offline for a short period, whilst we get RSC back on track. All of our relevant partners, who have hosted forums or sub-sites with us, have been notified separately by email. We apologise for the suddenness of this announcement, but it has been necessary to ensure the continued survival of RSC.

After this downtime period, the forum and sub-sites will return in a read-only mode (sub-sites will not be accessible via FTP during this time). This read-only state will be maintained, hopefully for no longer than a few days (though we do ask for your patience if it takes longer), whilst we set-up RSC's new software architecture (we're reducing vastly the number of forums, and consolidating many different 'avenues' into something altogether more central and useful to the community). This new architecture will involve a revised forum layout, a new forum theme, a new front-page and more! Some of these features, such as the front-page, may be introduced in phases, in order that we might get the RSC forum back online, and usable, as soon as possible.

For those who are interested, the current forum will remain in a 'read-only' state until we've had the opportunity to sort through and import all the relevant posts into the new forum. When you attempt to log in to the new forum for the first time, all of your relevant account details will be copied over to the new forum automatically - so you don't even need to worry about re-registering with us.

In addition to all of this, we will also be expanding RSC's advertising potential. We will be accepting banners from potential advertisers, and we will make available an advertisement rate table, with very competitive rates. We will re-open the RSC PayPal account to donations, and will be exploring new possibilities for competitions, and prize draws for RSC's donators.

So, what can you do right now? Well, we're not asking for your money, only for your patience, whilst we attempt to drag RSC out of the gutter, and place it back on the pedestal it was on back in the early days. However, if you have any skills that you believe might be valuable to RSC during this time, and in the future, please get in touch with us at (or, if that fails:

We pre-emptively thank you for your patience, and we're privileged to work for such a great community.

On behalf of RSC,

Mikkel Gram-Hansen, James Burgess & Vince Klortho